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Rahul R Mantri is a Pune based CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM. He along with his wife Neelam Mantri is working as a Personal Finance and Investment consultant since December 2006.
Rahul is An MBA (Finance) by qualification he also holds the prestigious degree of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER CM.

Neelam Mantri is an MBA (Finance & Marketing) by qualification and has been the key person behind setting up Midas Touch & responsible for the prompt customer support for more than 600 clients, and its scope spreads across Retail, HNIs, Corporate & NRIs.

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Investment planning is a complicated subject. You may need professional help as your portfolio grows in size. You do not need professional help to kick start the investments at your end. Follow these basic rules of investments and ensure you start your journey on the right track. If you follow these golden rules, there is a very low probability of going wrong with your investments. Always keep in mind…These may seem to be easy on paper but are very difficult to apply in real life.

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Financial Planning could have been an easy job if it was possible to implement it by referring to a textbook. We, at Midas Touch, understand that each case in financial planning is unique. Thus we offer customized service to each of our clients to ensure that all his financial needs and goals are taken care of to the maximum extent possible with the available resources. Different types of goals can be achieved in a comparatively easier way with the help of financial planning which is nothing but a disciplined & systematic investment approach. Each and every individual has his own financial goals.

What Our Investers say about us :


"It was through the recommendation of a common friend, that we got in touch with Mr. Rahul and Mrs. Neelam Mantri of Midas Touch. Though initially apprehensive, once we met them and explained our financial requirements, we felt at ease. The financial planning laid out by them was spot on and a simple process to follow.  We, all, have heard the story of King Midas – that whatever he touched turned into gold. This fantasy story turned out to be true for us and it will not be wrong at all to state that Mr & Mrs. Mantri has aptly named their firm Midas Touch - because they have helped us to achieve our goals planned in the last one year’s association.

We are sure that their suggestions for investments and financial planning – suggested with keen foresight and financial acumen, will stand us in good stead in the years to come."

 P.S. Venkatraman (Retired from HDFC) & Veena Venkatraman (Working With LIC Of India)

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Time Share Vacation Plans - Not for everybody

Owning a weekend home on a hill station is a dream for many. For most of us it is not a viable option if we consider the required investment and the maintenance cost attached. Time Share vacations seems to be a good alternative for people looking for such arrangement with limited investment and recurring cost. A time share membership entitles the member to use the property for a specific period of a day without paying any rent for the place. The member has to pay a fixed amount towards maintenance every year. The membership has a fixed validity which may range from 10 years to 99 years and the cost of membership will depend on the duration of the membership, no of days the member can enjoy the free stay, the type of rooms he can choose and the season in which he enjoys the free stay.

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ULIPs High on Charges Low on Liquidity

Life Insurance in India has often being sold as an investment product that a tool to cover the risks associated to a person. Traditional policies such as Money back policies and Endowment polices focused on investment in safe avenues like bonds and debentures to generate returns to the policy holders. As there was a limitation with respect to the returns these policies could generate, new age products called ULIPs caught the frenzy among investors when these products hit the markets. It was not that these products offered great features and flexibility, but it was because that all insurance agents, banks, and Insurance companies started promoting their ULIP products like it was the answer to all the solutions. Attractive advertisement campaigns made it easy to sell these high cost products in the markets.

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