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Savings Habits For Highly Effect Teens - 

Indians traditionally have been very good at making provisions for themselves and their family members. But as we are influenced by the western culture, the situation is changing fast. Youngsters are now inclined to spend first and they repay using EMIs. In a world where loans make your dreams come true within a few months, saving is fast losing its significance. As a result children and teenagers may not experience the joy of saving and achieving goals.


In an effort to create awareness among children about savings, Midas Touch has come up with an initiative that helps parents to incorporate the habit of saving among children.


The process is short, simple yet effective:

a. It includes interaction with children and parents.

b. Counseling to parents and children regarding the process of saving and goal achieving.

We strongly believe that if kids master the art of money management at a young age, the same will help them when they enter their professional life.

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