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 P.S. Venkatraman (Retired from HDFC) & Veena Venkatraman (Working With LIC Of India)
"It was through the recommendation of a common friend, that we got in touch with Mr. Rahul and Mrs. Neelam Mantri of Midas Touch. Though initially apprehensive, once we met them and explained our financial requirements, we felt at ease. The financial planning laid out by them was spot on and a simple process to follow.
We, all, have heard the story of King Midas that whatever he touched turned into gold. This fantasy story turned out to be true for us and it will not be wrong at all to state that Mr & Mrs. Mantri has aptly named their firm Midas Touch - because they have helped us to achieve our goals planned in the last one year's association.
We are sure that their suggestions of investments and financial planning  suggested with keen foresight and financial acumen, will stand us in good stead in the years to come."


 Mr. Mandar Marathe, Artist, and Sculptor
Dear Rahul,
"Its been a year now that our investments are being done as per your recommendations and we have never before felt confident about our bright financial future.
Your in-depth review of our personal financial goals and state of current investments gave us a clear picture of our own finances. Investment recommendations based on that also meant that we retained the necessary liquidity as well as invested in the right asset classes.
Even during the year, you and Neelam have answered our every financial query to our satisfaction. Based on this wonderful experience we have been recommending your services to my acquaintances and will keep doing so in future too.
Thanks a lot and wish you every success in your life and business."


 Mrs. Sujata Kodag, Architect and Interior Designer
"We thank you very much for your intellectual suggestions regarding our personal investments. Our personal finances were managed by you very well, which helped us in growing our portfolio. We appreciate your smart working system and simplistic approach.
We wish you a very best luck for all your goals and aspirations.
Thanking you for being with us."


 Sushma Chitale, Freelance Yoga Therapist -
"I am a freelance Yoga therapist and was doing very well in terms of savings when I was approached by Midas Touch for financial planning. But being a freelancer I had no retirement benefits like FP and gratuity like other employed professionals enjoy, so planning for my personal retirement was important.
I also had to make sure that I didn't ignore my short term goals and education of my children for my own retirement benefit. Midas Touch came up with a balanced plan which had solutions for most of the issues I faced. The plan gave me immense clarity about where I was, in terms of my finances. Once the plan was executed, it gave me a sense of relief which in turn gave me a lot of mental energy and the same is helping me in my profession. The planning has given me such confidence that I have started thinking bigger and the goals to seem to get bigger.
Apart from financial planning, the counseling I got from Neelam for developing savings habits in my children has been very effective. Not only me, even the children following the instructions and are also enjoying the whole process. It has definitely changed the outlook of my children towards money and their pocket money."


 Aarthi Atal, Chartered Accountant
"The services you provide are very timely and the advice given by you are very genuine and definitely lead the investors to earn high returns on investments."


 Ar. Vinay Rathi, Architect,  Hyderabad
"My Wife Rashmi Rathi knew that I was working hard but wanted to make sure that my money was working as hard as I was! In the last 11 years, we have really built our investment portfolio, with the right advice and high level of personal service from Rahul & Neelam. We have been able to take advantage of the stock markets and other investments. We are able to plan out tax saving investment and also feel secure knowing we have adequate insurance protection, to ensure no matter what happens, I and my family will have a financially secure future. Surely my financial future is in good hands and I can focus on building my career and enjoying my time off."


 CA Salil Gurjar
"We are usually engrossed with our work and it happens that money is earned and spent as it is earned. I wanted to make a sustainable plan to save a part of my earnings for the future and also to control my expenditures. As it is not possible to keep a track of the investment options all the time, I wanted to avail of the services of an investment manager. I met Rahul through a common friend and I think Rahul has helped out to understand the pros and cons of the investment options and made an investment plan that suites me."


 Mr. Ramnaresh Mantri, Pune
"Services rendered by both Neelam and Rahul are completely satisfactory in all aspects such as Transparency, Advice, After Sales Service, etc. They have complete knowledge of the products they offer which is, in turn, beneficial to their clients. I would like to suggest to them that a fortnightly newsletter regarding the past performance of various funds along with their NAVs would help us to be in touch with our investments."


 Roshan Loya
"Midas Touch has been guiding me with respect to my investments for the last few years. I feel secured while transacting with Midas Touch because of the transparency in the transactions. It would be nice if Midas Touch can give door to door service for collection and delivery of documents such as forms, cheques, etc..."


 Parag Karanjkar (Sr. Project Engineer @ Tridiagonal Solutions),

 Neha Karanjkar (Software Engineer @ Schlumberger Information Solutions)
"I am extremely satisfied with The Midas Touch for over 3 months now. I have benefited immensely from the financial planning strategy that has Rahul and Neelam marked out for us. We felt secure almost immediately about our financial future. They are extremely professional, their processes are very transparent and their approach towards you and your portfolio makes you feel secured from the first moment. My wife and I both hope this relation lasts and keeps growing with time. We will refer Midas Touch to everyone without any second thoughts."


 Abhishek Mururkar (NRI)
"I was very impressed with the promptness of the service and the lengths to which Rahul would go to make one comfortable. The service was very professional and yet very friendly."


 Kedar Katre (Director of Burri India Pvt. Ltd) & Sangeeta Katre (Barclays technology)
"I would like to echo the sentiments coming out of the other testimonials as my opinion is no different from theirs. Our association over the last year and a half has been extremely fruitful.
Quick service, complete transparency, and approachability are some of your strong points and I'm sure you would always endeavor to maintain them. It has always been a pleasure interacting with you for your level of knowledge always leaves me with some learning.
I wish you all the luck for your future ventures."


 Dr. Anand Karwa, Joint Replacement & Orthoscopy Surgeon, Solapur.
Dear Rahul and Neelam,
"It has been more than a year since our portfolio is being managed by your company. I have had immense personal pleasure and a greater sense of financial security since our association started.
You have helped me in obtaining a better understanding of my personal goals and my current financial standing. I am now more aware of the various investment avenues with the advantages and disadvantages of each.
You have always been approachable at any point in time and have always made an effort to answer all my queries. Associating with you has helped me a lot with my finances. I have and will continue to recommend my friends and family members to avail of your services.
I thank you and wish you every success."


 Mrs. Vibhavari Bramhankar, General Insurance Advisor
Dear Rahul,
"It was nice to get connected with you. You were a great help to us in our financial matters. Your expertise in the field is indeed remarkable. I want to thank you for your valuable advice which was well suited to our needs. Thanks for your fast services and wise recommendations. We could invest our money well and are already expecting good returns.
Wishing you good luck for your future endeavors."


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