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 Investment Tips 

  • Start investments early to get good returns 

  • Invest Systematically

  • Invest for long term 

  • Never keep your money idle

  • Avoid people who guarantee you high returns on your investments without any concrete business proposal

  • Buy an insurance to cover your risk and not as an investment

  • Risk comes from NOT KNOWING what you are doing

  • Read, Understand, Research before you sign the mutual fund form

  • Be fearful when other are greedy and greedy when others are fearful

  • Dont panic when markets fall if your goals are distant. Instead try and buy more

  • Keep some liquidity handy, It will help you to tide over the difficult times

  • He who is fail to plan is planning to fail

  • How to live tomorrow will depend on how you invest today 

  • Sometimes you may need an EXPERT. Find a trustworthy advisor

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